Energy, Mining, Environment & Infrastructure

We have a team of lawyers with broad expertise in the oil and gas industry who advise clients on bidding and negotiating for oil and gas contracts. We offer a full service in this sector that meets a benchmark of performance excellence to clients delivering direct or diverse support services in the oil and gas industry.

We negotiate contracts on behalf of clients and draft joint operating agreements, shareholders’ agreements, farm-in and farm-out agreements, intellectual property ownership agreements, drilling and rig agreements, regional pipeline and refinery agreements, oil and gas trading, licensing agreements and health and safety agreements.


Our team prides in provision of timely legal advisory on Environmental impact assessment, environmental audits, environmental protection and natural resource conservation.
Our advice centers on helping clients to formulate environmental management systems, corporate social responsibility and implementation of government programs.
OCA commitment also covers environmental litigation and all court procedures our clients wish to pursue.


We possess detailed knowledge and understanding of the local regulatory environment in the key areas of regulatory compliance, parliamentary and administrative approvals, environment and safety, licensing and permitting, procurement considerations, land rights and land use, land acquisition and compensation, insolvency/taking of security, government guarantees, foreign exchange and profit repatriation, taxation, sovereign immunity, enforceability of foreign civil and arbitral awards in Uganda and labor law constraints.

Our lawyers have facilitated public private partnership transactions especially in the infrastructure and energy sectors.


We recently assisted with complex negotiation support services to a multinational construction company contracted to build over 300km of roads in Eastern DRC, drainage systems and road design. We also prepared comprehensive contract and agreements package covering different aspects of this transaction.

The team led by the managing partner is also contracted to advise on the financing arrangements of 2 other projects by the same client. Our firm is retained as Counsel for east and central African operations.