Africa is widely looked at as the last frontier for investment for a variety of reasons, such as the presence of hugely untapped raw materials and a growing middleclass. However, you would have missed a huge opportunity if you decided to invest anywhere else before you have invested in Uganda.

Impact of NGO Act 2016 (“the Act”) on your operations   Dear Esteemed Client, It is estimated that there were about 13,000 NGOs in Uganda as at July 2015. Ugandan law had gaps in dealing with the registration status of NGOs. By way of a statutory instrument, the NGO Act 2016 came into force on […]

The adoption process can at times be daunting and you will need an experienced attorney to help you through this process. Our team has experienced lawyers dedicated to handling sensitive personal issues and guiding families through the adoption process. Below is a glimpse of what you will need to adopt a child in Uganda.

With the support of the World Bank and the Private Sector Foundation Uganda, under the competitiveness project, Government embarked on various land reform projects, one of which included the launching of the Land Information System in February 2013. The modernization and computerization of the land registry entailed sorting, reconstruction, indexing and data capture. So far […]

Client Updates Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) URSB is responsible for registration of companies and business names, partnerships, legal documents, debentures and chattel securities, Intellectual Property Rights, celebration of civil Marriages, handles all insolvency matters and collection of NTR. URSB in line with its objective of providing efficient and effective services has come up with […]