The adoption process can at times be daunting and you will need an experienced attorney to help you through this process.

Our team has experienced lawyers dedicated to handling sensitive personal issues and guiding families through the adoption process. Below is a glimpse of what you will need to adopt a child in Uganda.

  • Governance of Adoption in Uganda

    The ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development is the regulatory body with mandate to oversees the probation and social welfare officers assigned to magistrate courts.

  • Adoption Requirements.

    A citizen of Uganda and a non citizen can adopt as long as they meet the requirements.

    Age: Any person of 25 years of age and above can adopt. However, the prospective adoptive parent must be at least 21 years older than the child.

    Marriage status: married couples are eligible to adopt regardless of length of marriage. Singles may generally only adopt a child of their same gender save.

    Criminal History: Clearance from home country is required.

    Health: The prospective adoptive parents must be of good physical and mental health.

    Approvals: Proof that their country of origin will respect and recognize the Ugandan adoption order. Proof that he /she has been approved to adopt by their country of nationality.

    Prospective adoptive parent must have fostered the child for at least 36 months under the supervision of probation officer save for exceptional cases.

  • Documents in support of Adoption

    –    Birth certificate of the child.
    –    Death certificate of the parents of the infant, if she is an orphan.
    –    Photocopies of the passport of Prospective adoptive parents.
    –    Marriage certificate of adoptive parents
    –    Recommendation letters by the employers of the prospective parents.
    –    Criminal clearance from the home country of prospective parents.
    –    Home study from the Adoption agency in the home country of prospective adoptive parents.
    –    License of the adoption agency that prepared the Home study report
    –    Photocopies of the academic qualifications of the prospective parents.
    –    Proof of land ownership by the prospective adoptive parents.
    –     Bank statements or financial statements.
    –    Medical reports prospective adoptive parents
    –    Medical report for the child.
    –    A report of Probation and Social Welfare Officer

  • Court Adoption process

    File a petition to court through a law firm/advocate.

    The prospective adoptive parents are required to appear in court on the hearing date together with the child and his or her guardian(s).

    In some instances, the Probation Officer and Local Council Authority representative may be required to appear in court or prepare a report and submit to court before the hearing date.

    If the child was in an orphanage, a social worker attached to the orphanage may be required to attend court.

  • Adoption Timeline

    The time frame to complete international adoption from the Uganda is currently about 2 months depending on the time paper work is completed. This time frame is subject to court schedules.

  • What Happens after Obtaining Adoption Order is granted

    The Adoption Order must be registered with the office of National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA).

  • How can African Law Associates help you

    We can chat in detail about our experience in assisting families in the past.

    If you feel you are eligible to adopt from Uganda, or you are unsure about your capacity to adopt, please contact us for a free case by case consultation regarding your adoption need.